There's No Room For Fantasy

by Yourself In Peace

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released April 28, 2017

There's No Room For Fantasy LP

All songs written, recorded and performed by Yourself In Peace.




all rights reserved


Yourself In Peace Los Angeles, California

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///yourself in peace///

We make beats and whine over them.

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Track Name: Ransom Note
Meet my eye line
before you float
sell my nature and need
(i was on my way out)
Notes of ransom and hope
(panopticon all around)

we’re all slaves to me

I was on my way out
Panopticon all around
you’re so nonverbal
i’ve changed focus
what did you intend
our gazes all seem fleeting
Track Name: Magic Markers
i hear everyone so clear now
yet Im still under the weather
I cant count on my fingers


i hear my own voices
just when i think i’m clear
they make me
sniff magic markers
in threes
yet still youre the only choice
i see

I can't seem to find the answers
They're all catalogued and stored
I'm over it
Track Name: Binary Luv
open one of these drawers
which one keeps blabbing on
put it off till the next day
whats a limp to a stomach ache

I’ve got all of you
and you’ve got some of me
started thinking in zeroes
and it set us free

i should of known from the start

who’ll wash most of these floors
their stains are awkward colors
im in a nude direction
ever since i was reborn

and all i am is skin
with teeth
Track Name: Lice On Your Scalp
all of our love grows
the nutrients we feed on
much like the lice on your scalp
waking you now
all you can have
is here
your palms still bare

selling all our love
we’ve just become
new versions
of our own shade of green
and all that it means
all you forgot
is now
the present frowns


all of our love grows
selling all our love
Track Name: La Suerte
there’s no belief in luck anymore
i duct tape my mouth shut just to show you

we’ve been here before
i’ll move outta your way
all of the hours fall
they blame the crack in your heart

i can’t believe you
your luck
et al.
Track Name: Off Camera
off camera
i breathe, i dream
and wait
all alone
in place

you just love me when i'm on
i've done some things
i'm not proud of

if only you knew
what it consumes
if only knew
we'd become unglued

off camera
i'm sick
i'm rich
for days
and close
so close
to the end

you just love me when i'm on tape
i've done some things I can't repeat
Track Name: IAAPOY
one dime in
I told
I told
the stairs

one dime in
I dont
I dont
fit here

I alone am part of you
Track Name: Manners For The Deaf (1986)
your eyes
your ears
won’t stay

no matter how much i beg

your eyes
your ears
our thighs
won’t heal

i can’t believe them
i just don’t know what to
be against

and there’s no figure eight
one more for the game
i can only imagine

what else is there
but a constant

(indistinct rambling)

all along

tread light
foam up at the end
no manners for the deaf